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Hello. It’s Nice to Meet You.

TMC Managing Director

Thank you for taking the time to visit and learn about this project. We truly believe the Bible is an open invitation to a fuller life, and that people deserve an opportunity to consider it without the hurdles of misperception, complexity, unappealing experiences, and mistrust.

We believe things in people’s lives and our world can be better, and that the Bible narrative can contribute to that. So our mission is to radically rethink the things that have caused the current conditions, and to architect valuable solutions in partnership with people like you.

If you can help, we definitely need it.

Coalition members operate in every channel of culture.
Creating innovative ways to illuminate the Bible narrative for a story-hungry American society.

A coalition of talented makers who love the bible

Kevin Shivers

We were made to create. No matter our vocation–be it educator, scientist, entrepreneur, or artist–we were formed in the image of the creator to make, to tend, to care for, and to renew all things. In order to tell our culture better stories about the ultimate story we all are living within, we have to find our way back to being among the very best creators in our society. We need lawyers, social workers, pastors, and pipelayers to seek innovative ways to integrate the Bible narrative into everything they do, say, and build.

It’s not about forcing the Gospel down anyone’s throat, but rather being intentional about ways to simply make God’s story attractive to a curious, but mistrusting culture. People are smart, our job is to creatively invite them to explore, and then trust them to decide for themselves.

Become a Magellan Coalition Contributor

The Coalition
Join us in a culture-wide, interconfessional effort to positively change perception and activate exploration of the Bible by: Creating, Investing, Amplifying and Praying.

Diverse and innovative contributions to this effort are critical. We can’t even think of all the ways that are possible today, but here’s a start:

Fresh ideas, unique programs, original art, and thought-provoking entertainment are just some of the ways we can begin to tell a better story through the things we make. If you’re a creator of just about anything that can contribute to changing perception or activating exploration of the Bible let us know - and let’s collaborate.

Building the brand, fueling the digital ad campaigns, and funding development of innovative partner projects at a high level of excellence requires significant resources and shrewd stewardship. If you’re in a position to invest in this effort, please consider joining the coalition and beginning a discussion about how you can help.

If you’re a connector, thought-leader, or opinion-maker, please consider using your unique channels of influence to spread the word and grow the coalition.

To positively change perception, activate exploration, and see 100M Americans genuinely engaging the Bible inside of 10 years is enormous goal that cannot be prayed over enough. Please join us in prayer over every aspect of the effort: humility in our posture; respect for our audience; excellence in our ideas; service to our fellow human beings; careful stewardship of our resources; unity among us; and honor to our creator in every detail of our execution.

We Are Imperfect People

No kidding, right? So why are we going out of our way to highlight this fundamental truth? Because for too long now many people who don’t trust the Bible feel that way because they don’t trust us. You know all the stereotypes - hypocritical, dishonest, self-righteous. They’re oversimplified, but they wouldn’t be stereotypes if there wasn’t at least partial truth in them. We need to fix that, but the hard part is being honest with ourselves about how we have contributed to the problem. Let us be known for our humility, as it’s the most basic tenant of cultivating trust.

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Partner Organizations

We partner with organizations and people from all channels of culture to change perception and activate exploration of the Bible.
American Bible Society
The Richards Group
Ditore Mayo Entertainment
Barna Group
The Bible Project
Young Life
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The Clapham Group
Biblical Theological Seminary
Catholic Creatives
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